Wembley connected by ee

Making Wembley the most connected stadium in the world

We’re continually working on making Wembley the most connected stadium in the world and we’ve been making rapid progress. Here are some of the exciting things we’ve been up to:

Light The Arch

Light the Arch introduces kids to the very basic concepts of programming and coding in a fun and creative environment.

They can program their own light show on the Wembley Arch to celebrate an epic moment in a match or at an event. Once they’ve used buttons, sliders and input fields to develop their design, they’ll then get a movie of their light show playing on the Wembley Arch to share with their friends and family.

Getting kids excited about the possibilities of code and programming can pave the way for them to do pretty amazing things in the future.

Find out more about Light the Arch here

The most technologically advanced stadium tour in the world

Cutting edge iBeacon technology and the introduction of a world-first digital platform on the EE SmartGuide – a bespoke connected device given to each tour participant – we’ve created an awesome stadium tour experience.  360 video and augmented reality delivered via the EE SmartGuide will enhance the experience and  allow audiences to relive key sporting and music moments whilst exploring the iconic ground. 

Find out more about the Wembley tour here

Superfast Fans

Superfast Fans

We’ve been making big improvements to your mobile experience inside Wembley. We’ve doubled the 3G and 4G capacity so whether you’re watching goal replays, making calls or uploading selfies, you can do more, faster! And our work won’t stop there. We’re committing to even faster speeds and new technology that will allow you to watch, upload and browse more, with even less buffering.

Find out more about 4GEE here


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