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Making Wembley the most connected stadium in the world

Earlier this year we announced our plans to make Wembley the most connected stadium in the world and we’ve been making rapid progress. Here are some of the exciting things we’ve been up to:

The arch comes to life

We’ve worked closely with Wembley to install a state-of-the-art lighting system in the famous arch, which will react to moments at events such as goals scored, crowd noise and sentiment tracked live across social media. We’ve even installed a camera to film the arch live so from October, whenever there is arch action you can view the stunning light display via ‘Arch Cam’ in the app.

Download the app here

Changing the way people pay

Changing the way people pay

Cash on Tap is now available as a way of paying for your food and drinks in a number of outlets in the stadium and will be rolling out to more throughout 2015.   So you’ll be able to pay for purchases under £20 with a quick tap of your phone. Terms apply

Find out more about Cash on Tap here

Superfast Fans

Superfast Fans

We’ve been making big improvements to your mobile experience inside Wembley. We’ve doubled the 3G and 4G capacity so whether you’re watching goal replays, making calls or uploading selfies, you can do more, faster! And our work won’t stop there. In 2015 and beyond we’re committing to even faster speeds and new technology that will allow you to watch, upload and browse more, with even less buffering.

Find out more about 4GEE here


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